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NALS of New York, Inc.

Now known as NALS...the association for legal professionals, our association has a strong heritage in the legal field and holds the honor of being the oldest association formed for legal support professionals. It was established in 1929 by our founder Eula Mae Jett, then, incorporated as the National Association of Legal Secretaries in 1949. 

By the late 1950's, four NALS-affiliated chapters existed in New York State: Albany County; New York City; Middletown (later changed to Orange County); and Onondaga County.

Following an organizational meeting, Charter Number 10 was issued by NALS, on June 21, 1959. The New York State Association of Legal Secretaries, now known as NALS of New York, had become a reality. By Spring 1999, NALS of New York had 12 chartered chapters.

NALS of New York is open to any legal professional who lives and/or works in New York State.

The mission of NALS of New York is to engage legal professionals on their terms; inspire legal professionals to want more; enhance the careers of legal professionals; and promote legal support professionals and the legal support industry. NALS of New York's mission is accomplished by offering opportunities for Continuing Legal Education and Networking; encouraging Certification and Professional Development; fostering excellence by requiring its members to adhere to a Code of Ethics; and being open-minded, transparent, and diverse.

Benefits of Joining the #NALS Community!

The NALS Foundation was established in 1989 and is dedicated to ensuring a rewarding future for you and all legal support professionals. It is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit educational foundation working hand in hand with NALS… the association for legal professionals to enhance educational opportunities. Since its inception, the NALS Foundation has awarded grants and contributions of over $200,000 for the benefit of chapters and states.

  • The NALS Foundation is governed by a volunteer board of trustees. The board has designated the following as funding priorities:
  • Educational/Research Opportunities
  • Grants
  • Keynote Speakers/Workshops
  • Recognition

The NALS Foundation strives to ensure top-notch legal services are the norm. It funds quality education programs for legal professionals working with attorneys and the public to enhance their skills and provide them with the latest information on their profession. The NALS Foundation also keeps the good of the legal profession in the public eye, emphasizing a positive image of the profession and the importance of qualified, competent legal professionals.

Some people join NALS simply for the intangible benefit of supporting the mission of the organization, while others join to gain a specific discount or benefit. Whichever the case, as a NALS member you are entitled to a wide range of tangible benefits. We are always working to expand this list and provide more value for your membership. Do you have an idea for a benefit you'd like us to provide? We welcome any suggestions you may have - please contact us with your ideas!

NALS is dedicated to enhancing the competencies and contributions of members in the legal services profession.

  •  Continuing Legal Education
  •  Networking Opportunities with meetings and educational opportunities
  •  Commitment to a Code of Ethics
  •  Professional certification programs

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